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What Purpose Do Underwater Led Lights Serve

Underwater boat lighting has a great deal of interest in the fishing industry over the last couple of years. Whether you are fishing in an open ocean or a quiet inland lake, there are different products out there that make underwater LED boat lights suited for any vessel. Here some are key benefits and features they give to boaters.


Most high-quality 12v underwater LED lights have a lifespan that hovers around 40,000+ hours. This equates to over 4.5 years of continuous lighting. Over the long run, this serves the boater time and money.


12-volt boat lights convert 80 percent of electrical energy into light output. On the contrary, traditional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lights will transform 20 percent of electrical energy into the light output, and the other 80 percent is lost as heat. This efficiency enables LED lights to remain cool and run much longer.


This comes a big one. 12v LED boat lights are resistant to massive impact, vibrations, and shock, making them perfect for aquatic movements where they are constantly exposed to rough weather and terrain conditions.

Instant Output

Different to other incandescent, fluorescent and halogen light bulbs, 12v marine underwater LED lights power up to maximum brightness immediately. Boaters can also turn their LED boat lights on and off numerous times without worry of compromising their lifespan.

Power Draw

12 volt LED boat lights to use less power from your boat. This prolongs your battery life and allows for you to stay on the water much longer.

Is it Beneficial to Fish With 12v Underwater LED Lights Around My Boat?

Yes, it is. 12 volt LED boat lights have been proven to attract swarms of bait fish around the boat. White of green lights is two color lights that generate activity among bait fish. You may wonder how this works. Green lights have shorter wavelengths in the color spectrum, which means they will travel further through the water before scattering. In return, scores of baitfish will swim to the surface pursuing the source of light. Fish such as squid and shrimp will follow the light source all the way to the surface. Then the main game that we are after will soon follow in pursuit. 12v LED underwater coat lights set off a chain reaction that delivers your game fish right your boat, whether you are in the salty or fresh water.

12v underwater LED boat lights are suitable for any water vessel. The best LED colors to use when looking to attract bait fish and bugs is white and green. Blue can also be a good choice since it has a shorter wavelength, and generates a remarkable aesthetic in night water. With this information, boaters can understand the purpose of using underwater LED lighting for the fishing endeavors and energy saving mechanisms. read more